Why does “how to succeed in this course” exist?

This lecture will answer a common beginner question: why does the lecture “how to succeed in this course” exist?

Note that in some courses, this may have been replaced with the alternate lecture, “anyone can succeed in this course”.

Every now and then, this lecture really offends someone (probably because it hits one or two of their “sensitive spots” and they know that they are making some of the mistakes I mention in that lecture). But I’d rather not speculate, and furthermore, there is no reason to.

Let’s get down to business:

Your interpretation of this lecture is wrong.

Your main mistake is that you haven’t thought of your fellow students (and there are thousands of them).

Obviously, this lecture wouldn’t have been made if it were not deemed necessary.

Common sense (hopefully) should tell you that these “strange statements” (yes, someone really called them that, haha!) weren’t invented out of thin air.

Clearly, based on this lecture, you can conclude that:

– there are students who don’t follow instructions and need a reminder

– there are students who don’t meet the prerequisites and need a reminder

– there are students who believe all the prerequisites can be included in this course (not true)

– there are students who believe they can understand this course without meeting the prerequisites (not true)

– there are students who make up self-defeating excuses not to use the Q&A

– there are students who don’t know that coding is an exercise

– there are students who don’t know about the speed changer

– there are students who forget things and don’t realize that taking notes would have prevented them from forgetting

– there are students who believe their PhD absolves them from following the instructions or meeting the prerequisites

– etc.

Need I say more?

Finally, understand that the course is not personalized for you. It’s for everybody.

Therefore, if you find a lecture that doesn’t contain content you want to learn, simply skip it.

It should be very easy. Let me know if you can’t find the “skip” button.

In fact, this is stated in this very lecture, so maybe you should have watched it more carefully. 😉

The lesson is: be kind, courteous, understanding, and accommodating to your fellow students. Hopefully, this makes sense.

Common assertions:

it is patronizing

It’s only patronizing if you believe you are “above” this advice, in which case, you should double check that the problem isn’t that you think too highly of yourself. 😉

it is negative

Is today backwards day?

“Anyone can succeed in this course” is a negative statement?

The opposite of that is “Nobody can succeed in this course”. I suppose that would be positive?



Nobody to this date has ever been able to provide a direct rebuttal to any of the points I have mentioned above.

If you think you can rebut anything I have said, I am actually so eager to hear what you have to say. I have been waiting years for someone to tell me why any of the above points are wrong!