Why bad programmers always need the latest version

Hello all!

Today, I’ve got 2 exciting things for you.

First, now is your chance to VOTE to tell me what you want to see in my next course. Transformers? Time Series Analysis? More advanced GANs? More advanced Reinforcement Learning? Let me know in this survey (it’s anonymous):


Second, check out the latest episode of The Lazy Programmer Show, where I discuss why bad programmers are always trying to get the latest version of some language or library, and why they tend to freak out when things are not in whatever version they happen to be using.

I look at this topic from 3 different perspectives, including:

1) What is it like in the “real world” working at a “real job”?

2) What kind of skills should a typical (competent) programmer have?

3) What are students learning and how do they approach machine learning and coding in colleges? Remember those students become “new grads” and those “new grads” become “junior engineers”.

What would your boss say if a junior engineer could run circles around you, a so-called “professional”?

Click here to watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIXH_m6CT2I or click the image below: