Where can I get course slides?


Anyone can obtain slides for my courses. Simply use the “contact” form above and provide your email address so I can get back to you.

Just FYI, please note that the slides are not made using Powerpoint and do not exist as files on my computer, as some students believe. Thus, there are no “Powerpoint files” or similar files that can be downloaded directly. However, they can be exported for you – see below.

In addition, due to past piracy and plagiarism incidents, I do not offer slides for direct download. However, I am happy to offer custom-made slides as a service, delivered as static PDF files without any animations.

It does require some manual labor to prepare them for you (including water-marking with your name to prevent piracy and plagiarism).

Let me know which course you are taking that you want slides for (I will ask for a proof of purchase upon receipt).

Since no slides exist in a downloadable format, they must be custom-made. Due to piracy, I will have to create custom water-marked slides. The price will be my usual consulting rate (whatever that is at the time).

Because the cost is per hour, longer courses will necessarily cost more.

Note that some slides contain animations and as such, the full static slide will contain many obfuscated items. I will not try to edit these (since it would take much longer and I’d have to go through each slide one by one). Thus, you should be okay with receiving these as-is.

As a less costly alternative, I strongly recommend taking handwritten notes. I’ve written an article about it which I encourage you to check out, found here: https://lazyprogrammer.me/taking-hand-written-notes/

I am well aware that the service is quite costly, but unfortunately I cannot lower my hourly rate as it would be unfair to my existing clients.