“What if I’m forgetful? Can you remind me?”

I always laugh when I hear this question.

It’s very funny to me, because it presumes that I’m able to predict what you will forget and when.

Guys, I hate to break it to you, but… I have no psychic powers (at least, not that I’m aware of).

What do I always recommend, again and again?

See: “How to succeed in this course” (a lecture included in all of my courses).

It’s to: take notes.

If you’re not taking notes, you are doing it wrong.

See my post about taking hand-written notes here: https://lazyprogrammer.me/taking-hand-written-notes/

When was the last time you took a college class and didn’t take notes? (a class that wasn’t a bird course)


Don’t treat online learning any differently.

And you know, I actually do remind people of things.

But you know what happens then?

Then I have other students who complain that I’ve given them too many reminders!

I really wish I could get all my students in one room to argue amongst themselves about who is right. 🙂