List of Hugging Face Pipelines for NLP

December 11, 2021

Here is a list of Hugging Face Pipelines for NLP. For some reason these are difficult to find on Hugging Face’s own documentation, so I am listing them here for my own convenience (and yours).

  • sentiment-analysis
  • feature-extraction (convert text into a vector)
  • ner (named entity recognition)
  • text-generation
  • fill-mask (“article spinning”)
  • summarization
  • translation (e.g. translation_en_to_fr)
  • question-answering
  • zero-shot-classification
  • conversational (“chat bot”)
  • text2text-generation

Non-text pipelines:

  • image-classification
  • image-segmentation
  • object-detection
  • audio-classification


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