How to Meet Your New Years Resolutions in 2019 (Udemy Coupons $9.99)

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New Years 2019

How to meet your New Years resolutions in 2019

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone on this list a happy new year, we are off to a great start. The new year is a time to set goals, turn things around, and be better than we were before.

What better way than to learn from thousands of experts around the world who are the best at what they do? Luckily, I’ve got something that will make it just a little easier.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this – well here it is – the LOWEST price possible on ALL Udemy courses (yes, the whole site!)

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For prerequisite courses (math, stats, Python programming) and all other courses (Bitcoin, meditation, yoga, guitar, photography, whatever else you want to learn), follow the links at the bottom (or go to my website).

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And just as important, $9.99 coupons for some helpful prerequisite courses. You NEED to know this stuff to understand machine learning in-depth:

General (site-wide):
Calc 1
Calc 2
Calc 3
Linalg 1
Linalg 2
Probability (option 1)
Probability (option 2)
Probability (option 3)



As you know, I’m the “Lazy Programmer”, not just the “Lazy Data Scientist” – I love all kinds of programming!


iOS courses:

Android courses:

Ruby on Rails courses:

Python courses:

Big Data (Spark + Hadoop) courses:

Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS courses:



Into Yoga in your spare time? Photography? Painting? There are courses, and I’ve got coupons! If you find a course on Udemy that you’d like a coupon for, just let me know and I’ll hook you up!