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Deep Learning Courses

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What is Computer Vision? Guide to learning path for how to master Computer Vision with Deep Learning

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)? Guide to learning path for how to master NLP with Deep Learning

What is Reinforcement Learning (RL)? Guide to learning path for how to master Reinforcement Learning with Deep Learning

Path to mastering Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business Applications (Recommender Systems, A/B Testing, Supervised Machine Learning, Clustering)


---Courses by the LazyProgrammer---

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Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python


Deep Learning: Advanced NLP and RNNs (Deep Learning part 10)


Deep Learning: Advanced Computer Vision (Deep Learning part 9)


Advanced AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python (Deep Learning part 7)


Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python


Machine Learning and AI: Support Vector Machines in Python


Deep Learning: GANs and Variational Autoencoders (Deep Learning part 8)


The Numpy Stack in Python (Deep Learning Prerequisites)


Linear Regression in Python (Deep Learning pt -1)


Logistic Regression in Python (Deep Learning part 0)


Deep Learning in Python (Deep Learning part 1)


Practical Deep Learning in Theano and TensorFlow (Deep Learning part 2)


Convolutional Neural Networks in Theano and TensorFlow (Deep Learning part 3)


Unsupervised Deep Learning in Python (Deep Learning part 4)


Recurrent Neural Networks in Python (Deep Learning part 5)


Advanced Natural Language Processing in Python (Deep Learning part 6)


Easy Natural Language Processing in Python


Cluster Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python


Data Science: Supervised Machine Learning in Python


Unsupervised Machine Learning: Hidden Markov Models in Python


Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing


Ensemble Machine Learning in Python: Random Forest and AdaBoost


SQL for Marketers: Dominate Big Data Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data



---Other Resources---

Learn Apache Spark from Scratch

Udemy Link

Apache Hadoop – Machine Learning and Hadoop Eco System

Udemy Link

Cluster Analysis Motivation, Theory & Practical Application

Udemy Link

From 0 to 1: Machine Learning, NLP & Python-Cut to the Chase

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Logistic Regression (Credit Scoring) Modeling using SAS

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A lot of people ask me where they can learn the prerequisites to machine learning. Here you go!

Calculus 1

Udemy Link

Calculus 2

Udemy Link

Calculus 3

Udemy Link

Linear Algebra 1

Udemy Link

Linear Algebra 2

Udemy Link

Python Programming

Udemy Link

Probability (Option 1)

Udemy Link

Probability (Option 2)

Udemy Link

Probability (Option 3)

Udemy Link


Books on how to learn data science