Why bad programmers always need the latest version

October 26, 2020

Hello all!

Today, I’ve got 2 exciting things for you.

First, now is your chance to VOTE to tell me what you want to see in my next course. Transformers? Time Series Analysis? More advanced GANs? More advanced Reinforcement Learning? Let me know in this survey (it’s anonymous):


Second, check out the latest episode of The Lazy Programmer Show, where I discuss why bad programmers are always trying to get the latest version of some language or library, and why they tend to freak out when things are not in whatever version they happen to be using.

I look at this topic from 3 different perspectives, including:

1) What is it like in the “real world” working at a “real job”?

2) What kind of skills should a typical (competent) programmer have?

3) What are students learning and how do they approach machine learning and coding in colleges? Remember those students become “new grads” and those “new grads” become “junior engineers”.

What would your boss say if a junior engineer could run circles around you, a so-called “professional”?

Click here to watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIXH_m6CT2I or click the image below:

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How do VIP courses work?

October 4, 2020

In this article, I will explain how VIP courses work.

Note that how they work has changed slightly over the years. I will try to cover all relevant variations.


What is a VIP Version of a course?

The VIP version of a course is a course that contains extra content.

Sometimes, it can be a new code sample, or it can be an entire section of content, sometimes even multiple sections.


  • Advanced Computer Vision
    • Code examples for super-resolution and fast-style transfer (along with some explanatory documentation)
    • Access to legacy materials
  • Advanced NLP and RNNs
    • Code example and PDF document for speech recognition
    • Extra section on stock predictions
  • Tensorflow 2.0
    • Additional exercises and datasets
    • How to make predictions with a trained NLP model
    • How to make predictions with a trained recommender model
    • DeepDream section
    • Object localization section
  • Financial Engineering
    • Algorithmic Trading section
    • Reinforcement Learning crash course
    • Reinforcement Learning Trader section
    • Statistical Factor Models section
    • Regime Detection with HMMs section
  • Time Series Analysis
    • GARCH section
    • AWS Forecast section
    • Facebook Prophet section


How can I get the VIP Version of a course?

My courses generally exist in 2 places (there are more, but this covers a majority of students):

  1. Udemy
  2. DeepLearningCourses.com

For courses released some time ago (before Sept 2019), the VIP Versions of those courses can be found on DeepLearningCourses.com.

If you would like to purchase one of those courses, you can do so at any time at DeepLearningCourses.com.

Most courses fall into the above category.

The corresponding non-VIP versions can be found on Udemy.

For newer courses (released after Sept 2019), the VIP versions are released on Udemy exclusively, and only the VIP version can be purchased. That is, if you don’t see the course on deeplearningcourses.com, then there is no non-VIP version.

In the future, those VIP courses may be “split up” into 2 parts:

-VIP portion hosted on DeepLearningCourses.com

-main portion (non-VIP parts) hosted on Udemy

Alternatively, I may release the whole VIP course (instead of just the VIP parts) on DeepLearningCourses.com (see below).


How does the VIP Version work?

After a VIP course has existed for some time on Udemy, I may decide to make the course “non-VIP”.

This lowers the price and removes the VIP content, making it accessible to the “general public”.

All students who purchased the VIP version of the course will retain access to the VIP content.

In order to do so, they simply need to email me (using the “Contact” form above).

Those who purchased the VIP version will be granted access to the VIP content on DeepLearningCourses.com.

Please note: there is no need to email me about this if I have not announced anything about the VIP version ending.

Your email will just get buried by the time the VIP version actually ends (I get a lot of emails).

To reiterate in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1) I announce (via a Udemy announcement and via my newsletter) the VIP content is being moved, and the VIP period is ending.

STEP 2) You email me and let me know you want to retain access to the VIP content.

STEP 3) You get access to the VIP content on DeepLearningCourses.com.

Please note: you must email me promptly after my announcement. If you email me months or years later, it will take a very long time to get back to you as significant manual work must be done in order to track down your purchase details.

NEW RULE: This can only be done for max. 2 courses per year.



Is the VIP coupon expiring the same as the VIP period ending?

One point of confusion may be that if I announce that a discount coupon is expiring, that this means the VIP period is ending.

These are actually 2 separate things.

Coupons expire because Udemy places a 30-day time limit on all coupons.

The “VIP period” may be longer than that, in which case I simply create a new coupon the next month, after the existing coupon exires.


What if I purchased the non-VIP Version, and I want the VIP Version?

If you purchased the non-VIP version on Udemy, and you want to upgrade to the VIP version, email me using the “Contact” form above. You will be asked for proof of purchase. Once verified, you will get a coupon for $10 off the VIP version, to make up for the amount already paid.

The above only applies to the case where the full course is hosted on deeplearningcourses.com.

If the course was split into 2 parts (non-VIP main part on Udemy, and VIP contents on deeplearningcourses.com) then it’s even simpler. Just purchase the 2 parts separately.


How do I know if I got the VIP Version or not?

If you purchased the course on DeepLearningCourses.com, then you automatically have the VIP version.

If you purchased the course on Udemy via a link from an announcement I made, stating specifically that it was the VIP version, then you have the VIP version.

If you purchased the course on Udemy randomly (maybe through the search results) and you’re unsure, then check whether or not the course exists on DeepLearningCourses.com. If it is only on Udemy, then you have the VIP version.

If you purchased the course on Udemy and you see sections / titles labeled as “VIP”, then you have the VIP version.

If you purchased the course on Udemy randomly (maybe through the search results) and you paid $29.99 USD or more (as of 2021), then you have the VIP version. If you want access to DeepLearningCourses.com too, just email me and you’ll get access for free (since you already have the VIP version). Note that this can only be done 31 days after the original purchase date.

Otherwise, assume that you have the non-VIP version.


What should I do if I want the full VIP version, but I like viewing content on Udemy?

In this case, the best option for you is to initially purchase the course on Udemy (remember to use the discount links from this website!), so that you can view the main parts on your platform of choice. Then contact me about getting a $10 discount (or free coupon, in the case where you paid $29.99 USD or more) to also get access to the VIP version on deeplearningcourses.com.

This way, you’ll have access to the course on both platforms.

Unfortunately, the “most logical” way does not work: purchasing the full course on deeplearningcourses.com, and then asking for free access on Udemy. This is because the Udemy platform doesn’t allow me to do so.


Instructions to follow if you want access on deeplearningcourses.com

The following instructions are for students who purchased a course (or multiple courses) on Udemy and you want to access the full, VIP versions on deeplearningcourses.com.

Please note: if you do not provide all the following information, I may not follow up or respond. Due to a very hectic schedule, it is very difficult to find time to follow up about any missing information. Thus, it’s up to you to provide all I need to make the process as easy as possible.

Also note: there’s a 31-day “wait time” between when you purchased the course on Udemy to when you are able to gain access on deeplearningcourses.com.

1) Make a list of all courses you would like access to on deeplearningcourses.com

2) Provide your name as it appears on Udemy. I cannot look you up by email on Udemy, only by name.

3) Provide the original date of purchase for each course.

4) Bonus: Figure out whether you purchased the VIP version or not, for each course, and note that down in your email. Use the guidelines I provided above if you need help.

5) The above information should be provided via text only. It’s not necessary to send images, ZIP files, or PDF documents. I will not open these for security reasons.


Which courses were released after Sept 2019?

Earlier in this article, I made reference to “newer” courses, defining those to be courses which were released after 2019.

These are courses where the VIP version exists or existed solely on Udemy, and was only moved (or will be moved) to deeplearnincourses.com later.

  • Tensorflow 2.0: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • PyTorch: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Engineering and Artificial Intelligence in Python
  • Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, and Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing in Python (V2)
  • Data Science: Transformers for Natural Language Processing


Policy for Stackskills / Stacksocial / Teachable Students

If you purchased a course (or several courses) via Stackskills / Stacksocial / Teachable, you will receive access to ONE of the same course for free on deeplearningcourses.com. You may only take this action once.


Policy for Skillshare

No courses acquired through Skillshare may be transferred to deeplearningcourses.com. This is because most of the “courses” on Skillshare are not full courses and payment on the platform does not go directly to instructors.

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