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Courses in machine learning and data science that will take you from beginner to advanced more quickly than the typical college program (no more formulas without any explanation!) or the typical online course (no more spending 60 hours just to learn 3 lines of library code!).

If you're completely new and you don't know which course to start with, I've created custom learning paths to fit your goals, whatever they may be.

Free tutorials and videos in deep learning and AI.

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How to Fine-Tune ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) Using the OpenAI API in Python

Rev up your engines because the world of AI customization just got turbocharged! The much-anticipated fine-tuning feature for GPT-3.5 Turbo is here,...


[NEW COURSE] Math 0-1: Linear Algebra for Data Science & Machine Learning

Hello friends! Click here if you don't want to read my little spiel: Alternate...


Comprehensive Review of Descript: The Ultimate Podcast Audio Editing Experience

Unleashing the Power of Descript for Podcasters and Audio Enthusiasts Descript, an innovative collaborative audio and video editor, is...


Synthesia Review: How to Generate Talking Head Videos With AI

Are you in need of a powerful AI-driven tool for creating training videos or marketing videos? Look no further than Synthesia IO. In this...


Understanding the Differences between Tensorflow Keras Sequential Class and Model Class

Introduction Keras is a popular open-source deep learning library widely used for building and training neural networks. It provides two primary...


🍏 [NEW COURSE] DeepFakes & Voice Cloning The EASY Way

Hello friends! I am so excited to announce the release of my latest course on DeepFakes. Don't want to read my little spiel? Just get the...

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