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If you're completely new and you don't know which course to start with, I've created custom learning paths to fit your goals, whatever they may be.

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[NEW COURSE] Math 0-1: Calculus for Data Science & Machine Learning

Hello friends! I am back with a new course. Fun fact: people have been requesting this course for... about 7 years now (since I first started...


Polars vs. Pandas: Polars DataFrame Tutorial

Hello friends! Today we are going to talk about Polars, the new DataFrame library that has the data science world abuzz. Will Polars replace...


AttributeError: module ‘keras.preprocessing.image’ has no attribute ‘load_img’

As happens quite frequently in our field, the helpful Keras function load_img has been moved. We make use of this function in several of my...


Coding Interview Questions: Row With Max Ones

In this post, I'm going to share a series of videos that will walk you through an interesting, real problem you'd get in a coding interview (e.g. an...


Why Implement Machine Learning Algorithms?

This article is part of a series on Common Beginner Questions. One very common "naive beginner" question I get is: "Why do I have to implement...


Predicting the 2023 Recession with Machine Learning & Data Science

Hello friends! I've been seeing a lot of YouTube videos lately about whether there will be a recession in 2023, how bad it will be, how long it...

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