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Courses in machine learning and data science that will take you from beginner to advanced more quickly than the typical college program (no more formulas without any explanation!) or the typical online course (no more spending 60 hours just to learn 3 lines of library code!).

If you're completely new and you don't know which course to start with, I've created custom learning paths to fit your goals, whatever they may be.

Free tutorials and videos in deep learning and AI.

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New Course! Data Science & Machine Learning: Naive Bayes in Python

Hello friends! I am excited to announce my latest course - Data Science & Machine Learning: Naive Bayes in Python. Don’t want to read the...


LaTeX vs. Handwriting Equations Survey

Hello friends! I require your assistance. With my new Bayesian Linear Regression course, I wanted to try something new (sort of). In this...


Python Interview Questions: Binary Search

Hello friends! I'm here to announce a new free video, which is all about helping you CRACK THE CODING INTERVIEW. In this video, we will be...


Send Email with Amazon SES in Ruby on Rails

Simple guide to setting up Amazon SES in Ruby on Rails using SMTP. Recently started having issues with my existing email provider, where I'd been...


How to Speak by Patrick Winston

Making a post on this for posterity. A student sent this to me the other day and I thought it was great. Wish I had seen this when I was a grad...


Become a Millionaire by Taking my Financial Engineering Course

I just got an excellent question today about my Financial Engineering course, which allowed me to put into words many thoughts and ideas I'd been...

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